The Principle

The CarLoft Core Concept

CarLoft is an innovative living and parking concept for multi-storey apartment buildings. The patented system offers you direct, barrier-free access from your apartment to your parking space on all floors.
Responding to your radio-signal, the CarLift opens, you drive in and are brought to your storey. You park your vehicle on a terrace – the Car Loggia - directly next to your apartment.

Whether for a new apartment complex, as an attractive addition to existing properties or for ingenious hotel designs, the CarLoft concept is intelligent for a great variety of purposes, at the most diverse locations. Integrate CarLoft into new construction blueprints from the onset, or increase the value and quality of portfolio property to that of a single-family home by adding a CarLoft module, including parking terrace and car lift.


Multi-talented Parking Space

CarLoggia offers you much more than a mere parking space for your car. When your car is underway, the surface is available for a myriad of activities such as table tennis, presenting a birthday buffet or as a Bobbycar raceway for your little ones. There is plenty of space for tending to your vehicle or charging your electric motor, be it on two wheels or on four.

Multi-talented CarLoggia

Up to two cars parking in your private CarLoggia

Starting a bike tour

CarLoft provides barrier-free life

With just a few steps, your luggage is in your apartment

Ideal for lovers of old and newtimers

Perfect for relocations


Times change. Many environmentally conscious traffic participants are turning to electric cars and bikes.
CarLoft supplies the power. Every CarLoggia has secure and practical charging station access. Your e-car or e-bike replenishes its energy supply while you’re at home.

You can also easily charge your E-Bikes battery.


Your Personal Conveyance

Your Carloft encompasses a communal CarLift, bringing you and your car to your storey, on an average in 2.5 minutes. Park your car in your private CarLoggia, take a few steps and you’re home. Access approval for the CarLift and your destination storey are transmitted over your personal transponder.

The operating software

Multilingual & User-friendly:

The operating software secures your access to the CarLift and allows you to programme your preferred driving times. In addition to other useful features, the software also calculates CarLift electricity and maintenance costs. When desired, the software can also assist parking manoeuvres.

Hotel guests drive directly up their pre-reserved suites. And, wonderfully practical, all that valuable equipment comes along, easily loaded and unloaded for the duration of their stay. ...

In their new, Upper East Loft apartments, residents dwell in exclusive living comfort, meeting the highest of lifestyle demands. ...

Im Düsseldorfer Stadtteil Heerdt schafft das CarLoft-Konzept die Basis für die Umwandlung eines Bunkers zu einem attraktiven Traumhaus. ...

The very first CarLoft project was erected here, on the Paul-Lincke-Ufer. Due to difficult groundwater circumstances on the project site intersection, constructing a large underground car park was unfeasible. ...