CarLoft offers you …

Together, you and CarLoft navigate inception, planning and approval, arriving together at your unique real estate project.

Our experience is your profit. We gladly lend our support, supplying you with our comprehensive network of prestigious planners, architects, engineers and construction firms, as well as accompanying you to leading conveyance technology manufacturers.
Our services include:
- Individual consultation, planning and guidance
- Mediating and coordinating specialised engineers and firms
- Supplying software and hardware for CarLift reservation, control and invoicing
- Tailored solutions for new structures and existing buildings
- Licencing property owners and project developers

Let’s talk. Visit us in our model loft in Berlin, where you can literally drive into the CarLoft concept. Experience for yourself how CarLoft elevates living-space quality and real estate value to the next level. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information and a personal consultation.

We listen to you

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Durch seine hohe Flexibilität lässt sich das CarLoft-Konzept grundsätzlich in allen Gebäuden einplanen und ist für die Aufwertung von Alt- und Neubauten gleichermaßen geeignet. Je nach Wunsch und den Anforderungen vor Ort ist es zum Beispiel möglich, den einzelnen Wohnebenen jeweils mehrere Stellplätze zuzuordnen. Dabei können der CarLift und die CarLoggien wahlweise längs oder quer zur Fassade angeordnet werden.

Wir haben eine Vielfalt von Erschließungs- und Planungsvarianten, technische Rahmendaten, Aufzugsvarianten und Lösungsbeispiele sowie Projektdokumentationen erarbeitet.

Unseren Partnern stellen wir gerne den CarLoft – Systemkatalog zur Verfügung.

Lösungsbeispiel ähnlich "Papillon" in Düsseldorf-Heerdt

Lösungsbeispiel ähnlich CarLoft - Projekt in Karlsruhe

Lösungsbeispiel für Bestandsimmobilien

Patent and Licence

The Licence

CarLoft® is a trademark protected in numerous countries. Claimholder is CarLoft GmbH Berlin. The company grants licences to property owners and project developers to realise custom-made solutions for new and existing buildings. In addition, we mediate and coordinate specialised engineers and companies, as well as deliver the entire software and hardware for CarLift reservation, control and invoicing.

The Patent

The invention concerns a multi-storey edifice with numerous utilisation units to which approved access is required, and a vertical transporter for transporting vehicles to their parking spaces. Utilisation units and their corresponding parking spaces are on the same storey.

The PCT Patent Office, Munich has confirmed the novelty, inventive purpose and commercial applicability of the CarLoft concept. The patent claim encompasses parking space integration in utilisation units (apartments, offices, hotel rooms, etc.). The patent registration is international.

International registry date: 21 August 2002
International publication date: 6 March 2003
International publication number: WO 03/018936A1
International file reference number: PCT / DE 02 / 03124
Application and publication language: German
Inventor: Manfred Dick, Berlin
Claimholder: CarLoft GmbH, Berlin
Publication data and patent numbers for individual countries is available on request.

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Hotel guests drive directly up their pre-reserved suites. And, wonderfully practical, all that valuable equipment comes along, easily loaded and unloaded for the duration of their stay. ...

In their new, Upper East Loft apartments, residents dwell in exclusive living comfort, meeting the highest of lifestyle demands. ...

Im Düsseldorfer Stadtteil Heerdt schafft das CarLoft-Konzept die Basis für die Umwandlung eines Bunkers zu einem attraktiven Traumhaus. ...

The very first CarLoft project was erected here, on the Paul-Lincke-Ufer. Due to difficult groundwater circumstances on the project site intersection, constructing a large underground car park was unfeasible. ...